My brother Stubble to Marriage Point

Two years back, I was in Delhi college of Arts and Economics studying Tourism studies while my brother working with Accenture. He was 28 years old and had attained kind of stability in life with respect to his job and everything. Life had become boring for him and he felt as if nothing is left to achieve and his only task was to go to office in the morning and start working till late night. After the shift gets over to come back and have some sleep. My parents also felt that time has come to take another step and find a life partner for him and getting him married.
It started with finding an educated girl who could match up with our family background. The girl should be middle class age 26 or so and much more. We started the process with creating a profile id of my brother on matrimonial websites and took the membership. Besides looking through family members and talking to friends and people in our circle. Then after few days, we got many calls on my father mobile number and he tried to figure out the best among all meeting our criteria and also looking in their demands. Finally five of them were shortlisted and my brother decided to meet them all with mom and dad at different days over weekends before taking the call of his life.
It was Sunday when my parents decided to meet the first girl and his parents. I also went with them but actually I was forced to go with them as my brother was little nervous. I was little upset as I missed watching the cricket match and so decided to go without shave.As we were coming back, there were heated arguments between my dad and my brother as my father felt that they rejected him because he did not shave that day and did not look smart. He further scolded me too for not shaving or maintaining my personality and asked me to shave before going with him next time. I felt guilty that because of not shaving for such important meeting, my father felt disappointed with me and we missed the opportunity to tie the knot.
Next time we both went with shave. With shave, I looked smarter and younger. My brother told me with his experience that girls do prefer men with shave.My brother met 7-8 girls through various references in next 15 days. Finally this process ended when my brother met his life partner through my neighbors who arranged a meeting for both the family. The meeting was successful and after another meeting, my brother decided to tie the knot and get married.
I feel shave did the trick for my brother and even I realized that girls prefer to like men who have clean shaven face.

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