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The level of stress has certainly increased in today modern era as we see people less connected to each other and more active on social media websites like face book and twitter. We see rising number of cases in terms of live in relationship, divorse cases not in India but everywhere in the world. Life has become a clock and there is no time to talk or attend social gathering or have time to celebrate birthday or anniversary celebrations.

I am not married yet but recently my cousin brother Ajay got married last year with her office colleague Ranjana .Their marriage wedding ceremony was full of celebration and joy and it was a love marriage. After the marriage, couple goes for honeymoon trip and enjoy spending time with each other. But just two days after the marriage they had to return to their work and be part of office project. The worst part was that Ajay was in night shifts and Ranjana went to office in morning. So all they had time to see each other was only in the morning hours just at the time of breakfast. Whenever Rajana asked Ajay to take him out for dinner or shopping on festival or special days, Ajay was not able to commit as he used to be tired after night shifts. This really impacted their relations as they did not get any time to understand each other well and due to other priorities. This affected Ranjana as she used to sleep without her husband and felt lonely after marriage. She had some wonderful aspirations from her husband but was disappointed. Soon she started to feel depressed as it started to affect Ajay as well. Just after 6 months of marriage, they used to get into fights on simple topics which often lead to physical violence. There were many instances when my mother had to sit with both personally and try to resolve the matter.

My mother took them to mentor and tried to brick back them to their old days for building strong relationship and trust between them.My mother gave some tips to Ranjana so that she can look more beautiful and asked her to use Parachute Advansed Body Lotion to  #BringBackTheTouch.Things have certainly improved and better now as Ajay has now decided to do day shifts from morning 8 am to 5 pm. Ranjana also make sure Ajay get same love and affection from her and to please her husband, she is changing her attitude and visiting beauty saloon to make her look attractive.
It is all about bring back the touch and be in love again with each other.

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