Shaving -Key to Interview success

Last few weeks have been very hectic and tiring for me as I have to complete my fourth semester projects and give presentations while preparing myself for job interview and applying for jobs through my friends, campus placement cell and family connections. This is the time of the year when I have to prove myself to others that I have got the right skills, knowledge, looks and ability to handle responsibilities and multitasking.

I have been regular in class and constantly undertaking personality development classes from my college teacher Anju madam. I feel those classes as important as any other subjects but my friends feel those classes are waste of time and energy. 
Honestly I used to feel the same and felt that personality comes later before knowledge and other criteria for selection by recruiters. But one day, I decided to attend the class and from that day, my perception about the teacher and subject totally changed. I learnt many things which were not taught during my childhood in school or even during my college. It was something different and made a huge impact in my life. During the personality development class, I learned many things from time management, dressing sense, communication skills, walking style, having clean shave and much more.

Our teacher used to take us to different city malls where we got chance to interact with managers and staff of different brands. Also we got opportunity to give demo interview and presentations to improve our confidence level. She emphasised on keeping ourselves always well groomed and stubble free. One of my friend Rajiv used to continuously make fun of us and teacher Anju madam but we kept ignoring him.

Few days back, my friend Rajiv applied for job interview and went to DLF building in Gurgaon.In the evening I asked him about the process and the first thing he told me that he was rejected even after giving all answers because he did not shave that day. At that point of time I realized how much personality and having clean shave matters. All credit goes to my teacher and felt really bad about my friend Rajiv as DLF is one of most established and reputed company in real estate sector. The outcome could have been different if he had a clean look and attended personality development classes.

So the moral of the story is before attending the interview, be sure to look in the mirror and shave because first impression matters!

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  1. Aha! All that DLF reminds me of is Vadra... :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. Me too. :-)
    Well written post. I hope that all the people who you have nominated would take the #WillYouShave challenge.

    Have a nice day.