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In our school life,we are taught about three important mandatory things for human being for survival "Food, Shelter and Clothing or Roti, Kapda aur Makaan" but few are lucky enough to have this in our lives. We have now come in the age of technology and application world but still most of us in India are missing basic need of life. We feel proud to be Indian and raise our voice to sing National Anthem and consider our country as democratic country with largest constitution in the world. But when it comes to justice, women rights and hygeine, we are considered to be ranking very low and high on corruption, crime against women and black money.

Taking the case of women in India, we see sexual harassment in rise and men taking advantage of women in dark places. There could be many reasons to it for insecurity of women. One could be lack of street lights or absence of police constables on road. Other could be women cannot find a public toilet and lack of toilets.Few days back, we were travelling to Mathura with my family to visit the Krishna temple and after few hours of journey, my sister felt need to relieve herself. It was very difficult for us to find a clean women toilet along the highway and finally we forced to stop at some dhaba.The dhaba lacked basic facility to have clean water and the toilet was so dirty and with no light. First she feared of going inside and so I had to stand there for a while to be with her. As she came out, she told me about spider on the wall and cockroach all around her feet. At that moment of time, I felt really bad for her as she was almost crying. I am sure like my sister, every woman face similar issues while travelling for long hours.

I guess not only women but sometimes it feel very embarrassing for men too when you can’t find a public toilet and you need to pee in case of emergency. But with change in government and launch of Swatch Bharat campaign, I am sure we all are heading to change this and moving in right direction to keep India clean. This mission is not only about cleanliness but also about building public toilets and creating awareness among people of India. As a citizen of this country, we all require to change our attitude towards hygiene and cleanliness. We all try to keep our home very clean and tidy and make sure it looks neat when guests come to our home. The true fact is that when we go out in our car or walk through the roads, we forget our duty to prevent throwing garbage on road or urinate alongside of the road. We think that it is duty of government to see this issue and forget that by doing this, we are polluting the environment around us and making it dirty.

Following in the same direction, Domex has come up with campaign #ToiletForBabli to fight against open defecation issue and building toilets for women in villages. I would appreciate if all people who go through my blog to "click" on the "Contribute" Tab on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

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