Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

Honesty and speaking the truth matters the most when it comes to building relationship. This could directly affect your family, close friends and business partners. My grandfather has always taught me to speak the truth, maintain transparency and dedication in everything you do in your life. We are taught in the school about moral values and ethics and being honest. But at certain times, we have to hold back the right statement and remain silent. It becomes really difficult at times to tell the truth when the situation and environment is not right. Talking about myself ,there have been many such instances in life when did not speak the truth when it was the time and when I took the courage to tell the truth, the results were not good at first instance but resulted in better outcomes which was completely opposite to my perception.

During my school days, I was not very good in mathematics and got average marks but somehow managed to pass. But in eight classes, I failed the mathematics exams first time in my life and I was very scared of facing my mom. I knew if told her the truth, it will lead to harsh punishment for me. For three consecutive days, I was able to hide the truth from her and made various excuses that results are not out, teacher was absent and so on. But soon I ran out of excuses and with nothing much to hide, I took the courage to tell her. At the time of dinner, I went to her and first said sorry to her for hiding my score card. Before she could say anything, I told her that I will work hard and never disappoint her again. I was expecting a harsh punishment and beating but rather my mom gave me the second chance and scolded me. After that incident, I really worked hard to improve my scores in that subject and never failed again.

In another instance, I was in my college and my friends had decided to have a farewell party for the seniors. The party went off in style with soft and hard drinks. During the party, I avoided the alcoholic drinks but one of my senior took me for a ride and gave me alcohol mix in coco cola. I came to know this truth next morning when I woke up. I was still dizzy and my head hurting. Then the phone rang and it was my parents, they asked me about my party and why I was not picking up the phone since morning. I told them the truth about my alcohol consumption story without making many excuses. My father completely trusted me and gave me advice to relax. I was really happy at that point and decided to never hide anything from him.

I feel speaking the truth was the right thing to do and I felt proud of myself. With honesty as the main point and to encourage the youth to speak the truth, Kinley known for their packaged drinking water has come with a television advertisement. Do watch and speak the truth without fear.

This Blog Post is written for IndiHappy Hours Activity with Indiblogger and Kinley.

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