Shaving at the RIght time- Confident Walk


This is one of most memorable instance for my brother where shave came in a way to crack the job. My brother had gone for the interview for his campus placement and it was for a reputed and established IT company in India. He came back home shouting with joy and tears in his eyes. Then he started his story from the point he reached the campus and point of getting the offer letter from the company.That day was special for all of us and we had ordered the pizza to celebrate this special achievement with. There was a proud feeling on my father face when he saw the offer letter him and with good package and incentives. Also mom could call all the close relatives to share this awesome news.

My brother started with his tale and told us that around 140 students from the campus were assembled in the big auditorium. Then came the company presentation about the job profile and discussion about the package and incentives being offered to students. After the presentations, students were divided into 10 groups and group discussion process started. He told us that their topic was corruption and how he took the lead for the topic. After all the group discussion round, there were only 20 students shortlisted and he was one among them. As the next process was initiated, it was aptitude round this time and my brother cleared it along with nine other candidates. Now the real competition started and it was getting tough at every step as next round was personal interview. In order to give students some break for lunch, all the nine candidates including my brother were given the break. During the lunch time, my brother and other candidates were given some briefing by the college professors and from campus recruitment cell. During the session, he and other two students was pointed out by college teacher about growing beard and facial hair. My brother replied and told the professor that he had done shave yesturday.After few minutes, he went to washroom and saw his face and realized that it was the golden opportunity and no chances must be taken. With 30 minutes remaining to the interview, he quickly went out to the nearby barber shop and got back to college with clean face while the other two candidates decided not to shave and went with stubble face. At the end, he told that his decision to get clean face just before facing was the right choice as the other two candidates were rejected and only two more guys along with me were able to clear and walk out with the job letter.

Feeling happy while listening to the success story of my brother, I felt that his decision to shave made him look extra ordinary and more confident and was really turning point for him.I guess it displayed his enthusiasm to grab the job and passion to it.

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