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Vacations are the best time when all the family members get together to enjoy each other company and spend quality time together. It is the time we can come more close to each other and keep our work aside and devote our time to enjoy with family members. Vacations are win-win situation for everyone as it involves lot of excitement, fun, and relaxation and explore different locations.
For parents, it helps in strong bonding between husband and wife and sorting out their relationship. In the present scenario, life has become more complex with rising prices, inflation and increase in working office hours for parents. Children life has been affected too and present generation is more tech savvy and engaged in computer games. They prefer virtual environment and computer games over meeting each other or playing outside. In such situations, vacations have become a need of hour as parents are constantly pushing their kids to go out and play in open rather than sitting in front of idiot box or engaging over digital platform. As a parent, I feel vacations should be made mandatory for children at least once in a year. It could be short trip to nearby famous tourist places or could be a two days trip depending on the parent.

Vacations offer many advantages for children as they can learn about the destination, their culture and as try different food and gain knowledge. It gives them practical exposure which they can sense and feel it. For instance, while reading about Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they would be able to recollect from their memories about its existence and about Mughal history. As a parent, I want my kids to enjoy as well as learn at same time during the vacation time. This can be done by planning the vacation in advance and choosing the right destination which could inspire my child. Some of the ways I can make it interesting for them could be by-

1. Wildlife Safari Adventure

As a parent, I want my child to be strong and give him a vacation experience by taking him to national parks and zoo. This could be Corbett National park which offers stay at the resort as well as jungle safari. It will help him to stay close to the nature and he can see different animals and also have a camel or elephant ride.

2. Sand, Sea and Beaches

I want my kid to get hands on experience catching fishes and indulging in water sports activities. This is ultimate fun as my child can learn to swim and also be naughty at times by throwing water and play beach games with me.Goa and beaches in Kerala are perfect destinations when it comes to beaches for me.

3. Visit to Hills station

When I was a child, my parents used to take me to hill station like Shimla during my summer vacations. I still remember first time I had snow in my hand and fighting with my brother. Those were the golden days of my life. As a parent, I feel a trip to hills is the best during the summer vacation as one can enjoy cold weather and escape the heat. For child, hills offer toy train ride, ability to ride in rope way and experience campfire in the night. Hills bring you close to the nature and environment.

I feel vacations should be such which help children to come out of the shell and give them a much needed break. They should be combination of entertainment, fun and leisure.

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