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I am born in a super busy generation where E-commerce industry is taking edge over traditional way and people feel more easy and comfortable while using text or web chat support with single touch just on our touch screen smart phones than going out  to save their time. While shopping online, I had a great experience with Quikr where I had opportunity to buy original and authentic products via Quikr at a great discount.
Talking about Quikr website, it is one of great and largest online classified website where we can directly contact the buyer and accept or reject the deal or offering without any obligations. Quikr provides free service to the buyer and seller where we can choose different categories and find the right product or be a seller.Recently Quikr has come up with Quikr NXT which is something similar to face book chat and much more. This feature is really amazing as it saves my time and money. It is great addition which offers competitive advantage and win-win situation for everyone.
Three things about the Quikr NXT which helps me to prefer chat over phone call are-

1. Checking the chat history
With Quikr NXT chat history feature, the online classified portal has given me as a buyer to have chat record and even show the seller proof for his commitment. I like the chat history option because it gives me better transparency and being able to check the price before we go out and make the final deal offer. I had issues two times in past six months when my experience with seller was no great. There was an occasion when I was buying a foot and body massager. The seller agreed to sell it and we had made a deal on phone for 6,500 rupees. But when I reached the spot and talked to him, he did not agreed to the conditions as per our call and wanted me to shell out five hundred rupees more. In the second case, I had an agreement with the buyer during my conversation on phone while buying a sofa that it will include shipping and delivery free. But later on the seller did not commit to his own words and changed his mind.
Also as a buyer, the Quikr NXT feature helps me to retrieve my chat records and see if the last price quoted by me and can talk to buyer before hand on other things.

2. Interactive Way and Saving Time
Quikr NXT offers option to interact with the concerned buyer or seller before we can call them and best way to save time. Earlier when I was using quikr for buying items which were good and as per my budget, I had to make many calls before proceeding to meet the seller and making the deal. Most of the time, there was issue when the seller did not pick up the phone or it was wrong number or person on the call would talk in rude language. Also as a seller, there were issues after posting my products on Quikr website. There were random calls and most of them were not really interested. Some people would call again and again disturbing me or sending me junk sms.

3. Privacy and Easy Share option
With Quikr NXT, I have an option to hide my personal contact details and email address which is not present in other online classifieds websites. Other part is that now while interacting with seller, I can send pictures of my product directly and discuss in details about product dimensions so that customer is more satisfied and deal gets a positive signal. As a customer when buying the exclusive home products, I am always looking to get the details and picture so that I could find the exact position whether the product is old or new. This is better alternative than verbal communication over phone which does not gives the clear picture.

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