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Last few days have been challenging times for me as my master of business administration course is going to end soon and campus placements have already started. Our campus placement cell is doing its best to bring the companies from all over India. Considering the present job scenario, .Since most of the time, company headquarters are located in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata so I would not mind shifting my base and relocating to any city if the prospects offer me good salary and job profile which helps me in long term career growth. If you ask me for my preference then I would choose Bangalore besides my home city. The reason being Bangalore being the IT hub and also my relatives lives there so I would not feel alone anytime.

Honestly for me being a fresher and relocating to Bangalore will not be easy as I would have to manage everything on my own plus the expenses that I have to bear with my salary. The companies usually offer very less and for me the main aim would be saving as much as possible. Now since I am mentally prepared for shifting to Bangalore, I would first prepare my check list for the items that I want to take it with me. But there are many things which cannot be transported but essential commodities. I think by browsing Quikr website and then choosing Bangalore as location resolve my issues because it helps me buy used items or avail various services or even buy new items or products at lesser price and also I can negotiate deals with sellers which are not possible when buying something on e-commerce sites.

The first thing before leaving is to find a place where you can stay and rent an accommodation for yourself. Here I need Quikr as I can easily customize based on my requirements and specify the budget and number of rooms or other requirements. With so many options available, I can the choose the place which could be nearby my office place and I can save transportation costs and could also reach the office on time every day.
Another alternative is to find a flat and share the expenses by having a roommate. This can also be possible with quikr as I can easily contact any person on quikr and co-ordinate with him and save bills on twin or multiple sharing.

Next thing for me where quikr can help me out is finding a housemaid who can be a domestic housekeeper and clean the house. A maid would clean the house and also would cook the food and would be cheaper too. I love and prefer north Indian food even when I am out of the city. This is important because outside food is not healthy and is only to taste and expensive too. So another way of saving cost is having a Tiffin service as I will not have to buy vegetables and utensils for cooking them.

I feel at the end that quikr is perfect way to save money and cost and one stop destination in various categories.
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