Pimple effect and Skin Care

Pimple has been on my face right from childhood and has caused so much trouble in my life. It has been following me everywhere and school, college affecting my face value and personality.
At the early stage, I often used to go in the front of mirror and try to prick the pimple so that it could disappear quickly but just after few hours, I could find another one coming and thick pigment would evolve which gave rise to many more. I hate pimples on my face as it lowers my self confidence and people start staring at me and often try to make fun of me. In my school, pimples used to be the cause and reason when my class mates used to bully me and tried to call me with weird name. Also when going for a college trip or a family photograph, I always prefer to stand behind and hide my face or use glasses and other things to avoid getting a bad picture. Even when I had to get my passport size photograph for the interview and other important documents, I had to use Adobe Acrobat and other computer software to get my pimples outlined and has a clear face. Talking about pimples, people who work in entertainment industry have to undergo laser treatment and other procedures because their face value works for them getting a role in the industry. Last year, it was my cousin marriage and my sister was crying for hours just because make up and creams was not able to hide her pimple and she felt affected by it.

It is still not clear in my mind about the cause of the pimples and their reoccurrence one after the other. Earlier I used to think it was due to my eating and drinking habits as my consumption for fast food and snacks with chocolates was very high. My parents always told me to avoid it because it was not good for health and was oily which the main reason for pimple was. But till date, scientists who have now access to new technology have not found about its real cause and way to stop them. It is a big mystery for not only children but even adults.

With increasing pollution, stress and adulteration effect, acne and pimple has increased multiple times and there has been rise in number of creams and gels which offer a temporary solution to restore skin and bring freshness to face. Some of the solution includes using mixture of multani mitti and rose water.Garnier has also come up with Garnier Pure Active Neem with aim to help reduce pimple and fight against germs, pollution and remove excess oil.
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