The Great Indian Litterbug

Mera Bharat Mahaan and Incredible India and many other such catchy tag lines are great to attract tourists to India but not able to retain them and grow the customer’s base as when they land on Indian soil and see the real India, it comes out something unusual and funny to them. People urinating in open, tons of garbage lying around and no one to pick them up. There is lot more about it from spitting on gutka on the walls, unhealthy environment and hygienic issues.Delhi, being the national capital where women is unsafe and no traffic rules are followed. No matter you travel to any part of India and from rural to urban areas; we have a uniformity to make it a big garbage land.

With start of great Swatch Bharat campaigns dedicated to make India clean by 2019 on great Mahatma Gandhi birthday, I request everyone to please be part of it and in order to make it success, stop doings things which make our country look dirty. I would request everyone to stop this litter bug and be responsible to it. No doubt litterbug is in every one of us but we can do something about it and throw this litterbug out of our genes. In order to start, check the five basic point’s here-

1. Use dustbins

We should aim to throw away the wrappers in the bin box while at home and if travelling; either fined a dustbin or keeps it with us until we reach home and then empty it at right place.

2. Stop using walls for nature call

I understand that controlling nature call is difficult at times but it does not mean that we use side walls to urinate and relief ourselves. I am sure that we all should learn as soon until it crosses the limit and government has to start punishment or fine like Singapore.

3. Think about others before spitting

Once I was driving in Delhi and at the red light, my car stopped. I saw a DTDC bus standing in front of me and a litter bug standing on the bus gate chewing the Indian paan and then spitted on the person without even seeing it.

4. Respect the heritage monument integrity

India is land where we have so many archaeological sites and monuments which are of national importance. People from different countries come to see them but local domestic tourists never care or follow any code of conduct and guidelines to preserve these monuments. We have a habit or scribbling our names on the walls or making symbols.

5. Change in attitude

I sometimes fail to understand when I find the difference in attitude of our country people who never take care of rules and are litterbugs when on roads. When they travel to another country for vacations or other reason, they become responsible and behave in a completely different manner.

We need to get this litter bug out as soon as possible and like we take care of our houses, we need to take care of public property and things which surround us. It is not the government responsibility but also our duty as a citizen of this country.

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