Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

It is all how you handle the pressure and your attitude which can make a difference to you story and my mom is the one person who had the courage and changed the particular statement from “You can be either a good wife OR a teacher” to "You can be a teacher AND a good wife"

My mother is the best friend for me with whom I can share my secrets and talk to her without any hesitation. She is someone very special in my life and my inspiration who guides me in every step and my role model. She has always encouraged and motivated me to follow my passion and give my best to achieve success in life. She is all rounder and best when it comes to running the house or having fun while shopping.
Talking about my mom passion, she loves reading educational books and sharing her knowledge with others. Before the marriage, she used to be a school teacher in a government school. But after her marriage and due to additional burdens and social backward thinking at that point of time, she resigned from the school and had to sit at home and look after the family. It was very hard for her to leave it as she wanted to continue ever after marriage but could not do so and her dream was grounded. But my mother continued her studies and somehow my dad agreed and gave her permission to take home tutions’ feel happy at this point that my dad decided to give consideration to my mom career and allowing her to start the classes while she mastered the art of doing multiple task of household chores and giving education lessons to children.

More than twenty years have passed now and still she continues to spread her knowledge and help children. She is always there to guide them and inspire them to follow their dreams. On the other side, she has been fun loving mother and a perfect wife who took care and gives time to everything and taking care of family.

In the end, I would conclude that there is a very thin line when things are not in your control and the best way is to try different ways so that you can find happiness and follow your passion.

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