With all my Heart

Valentine day is round the corner and it is the time when couples come together to spend time with each other and some of them take their relationship to the next level with marriage proposal and speak out their emotions.

I am a shy in nature and straight guy when it comes to popping the right question. I do understand that girls are looking for something unusual than ordinary scenario which is creative and something which stays in her memory forever. If I had a chance to propose to my crush and my dream girl on Valentine's Day then my plan would be to spend the whole day with her and surprise her with gifts and unexpected things. 

First of all it is important to know her favorite things and other preferences. I will make a dinner reservation for two in ITC Sheraton which is one of the most expensive and her favorite dining place. Since this occasion is going to be special one so spending money is not going to be a big issue as long as she accepts my proposal in the end. I will order her favorite snacks and ask the waiter for candle light dinner. After the dinner gets over then I will give her flowers with red roses and box of Cadbury chocolates as a valentine gift. I am sure she would love it. It does not end her but I will take her to nearby Select City Walk mall and to the same coffee shop where we had our first date and many meetings after that.

At this point of time, I will take a break from her for a minute and ask one of my friends by message to start filming our video as I am going to propose her in few minutes and ask the waiter to bring the special cake which I ordered in the evening along with heart shaped balloons. I am sure by this time should realize it that it is the special moment as I am going to propose anytime. As I come back to her, I will wear a personalized tee with special message her name written on it with love symbol. I will ask her to close her eyes and then as soon she does that. I will bend on my one knew and ask her to open her eyes now. Holding her one hand, I will try to act like a Bollywood star and sing a romantic number and try to perform the signature step from Shahrukh movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge and then the climax would be taking the ring out from my pocket and with a balloon in other hand asking her the question "Will You Marry Me" and accepting my proposal to marriage.

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