Befikar Umar Bhar

Life is a race track and full of competitions. It is about survival of the fittest and being able to handle complex situations with courage and confidence. The story for me is the same too as right from my childhood, I am told to study and get good proper education so that I can get a good job and earn money to survive. This all required lot of hard work to achieve success in my goals and giving up my aspirations and wishes. In order to get success and for achieving my unfulfilled goals, I had to give up many things and there were restrictions on doing a certain task. There is no escape to it and even after getting settled, there are new challenges to get promotion, earn more money and other needs.

But if the life becomes very simple and I have lot of wealth and option to do whatever I want to do in my life, then the top 5 things on my bucket list BefikarUmarBhar would be-

1. Cricket and sports is very much close to my heart and I have been watching cricket matches for more than a decade but never got an opportunity to watch India vs. Pakistan match at the stadium. Being a hardcore cricket fan, it is my wish that someday I get a chance to watch India vs. Pakistan ICC tournament match  like world cup, champions trophy etc at Lords in England or at an international destination. It would be like a dream to be part of high voltage match with full of emotions. The amount of money spend on expenses would be nothing to see this competition and if India beats Pakistan.

2. Study Medicine to be a doctor

I always had a dream to become a doctor but somehow could not pursue it and go ahead it with this profession. The reason is that in my family no one has ever taken this profession yet and so I had to give up as my parents wanted me to do graduation then master of business administration. I have also seen many sick family members in my family who have lost the fight to dangerous life threatening diseases which could have been cured in a better way if I had taken medicine as my profession. The pain of losing close family members is still there but if get a chance and time; I would start my innings with getting admission into top medical college and learn medicine.

3. Social Work and help

I consider it is as important for everyone to give something back to the society. It is human nature that we keep on thinking about ourselves and close family members I have more time and money, then I would like to visit a non government organisation and teach poor people part time and also donate books and money to improve their conditions and bring a smile on their face.

4. Give Time to my parents and family

I have regret that I am not able to give more time to my parents and on special festival occasions due to work load. I would like to have an opportunity to take my parents to religious places on a divine trip. 

5.  Learn Scuba diving 

My last wish is learn professional scuba diving so that I can dive and see the unexplored world and marine life. I want to visit Maldives and then right in the middle, go for a dive and then swim with fishes and see the coral reef. It is the best way to connect with nature.

This post is written for the BefikarUmarBhar Campaign in association with Indi Happy Hours.

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