Essentials before selling a car

Selling your own car was a challenging task some years ago and required third party or dealer who could find the prospect buyer and would take lot of commission and charge after completion of deal.But now with improvement of technology and growth of e-commerce, we can easily sell any product whether old or new online.The best part is that we can use internet even we are residing in non metro cities like Amritsar or Jaipur.It is so simple that we only need to just browse some online classified portal and search for used car in Jaipur and one can also easily get information about used car prices in Jaipur.
Before proceeding further,let me tell you about five things essential before selling a car -
1. Pricing
One of the most important factor is deciding the appropriate price of the car. It is also recommended to get car inspected by a certified mechanic who can calculate and tell you the exact pricing plus lower and upper limit so that you can negotiate with buyer easily while selling the car.
2. Interior and Exterior Looks
Car interior and exterior looks matter the most to the buyer and so as a seller, it is important to make sure car is clean from inside and there are not many big visible scratches. The first appearance gives the best impression and so even if it cost some amount of money for making minor repairs go ahead with it.
3.  Maintain Transparency and Tell the Truth
As a seller, please make sure you keep all car documents and keep it simple. Do not hide anything regarding purchase bill, engine size, car model year etc and specify all the terms and conditions clearly before striking the deal of your pre owned car.
4. Posting the right shot
It is important to take quality photos from different angles with help of photographer and using professional digital camera. The buyer is always looking for minute details which can be important and could be turning point in the deal.
5. Give something extra
People are often looking for extra goodies or freebies and this could turn your prospect positive. It is always add competitive advantage over other by offering free services like car washing or free seat cover or audio system etc.
I would advise everyone to keep all these factors in mind before selling your pre owned car.

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