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Life is complex and there are always some or other issues in our life which makes our life stressful and boring. The end result is that we are too much busy in resolving those issues and forget about fun and happiness in life. The reason between difference in success and failure is about our perception in life and how do we see things. It is not only hard work but also the person willing to take the risk in life and whether the person has got strong will power, positive attitude and stamina to face any kind of tough situation in his life.

I would quote an example here when we see a glass of half filled with water. Certain people would see this as opportunity and someone would negative comments and criticize it. Most of the times, it is seen that we ignore our successful points and focus on things in which we are lacking. Life is such that there are ups and downs for everyone. At certain times, I feel depressed due to personal problems and job stress factor. But somehow I would give credit to my family members who have given me full support in terms of finance, emotional and everything. I feel the positive vibes and hope whenever I had tough times at critical stages of my life and they have been behind me like a tree with strong pillar like support.

It is important to remain focus on the problems and the way to go ahead is find the solution to the problem. The first step is to think positive and get confidence. I believe it is my mother who backs me every day to give my best and her words give me confidence and act like a positive force. I find my optimism in my home when I see my family members smiling faces. Their love and affection with caring nature for me give me a reason to life this life. I like the positive atmosphere at home everyday where we spent time together and do things without any terms and conditions. 

There was a situation when I got less marks in entrance exam and thought that I could not got admission in one of the best engineering colleges. I felt sad but it was my father who motivated me to fill the form. I was lucky that certain students opted out and I got admission while my name was in waiting list.

When I am out of town away from family and under stress, then I take the course of blogging as one of my positive way to express my feeling. I like it when people follow me on blog and my information through my blog helps them in any way. I like to wake up early in morning and warm up a bit with yoga and body building exercises. I consider the mantra health is wealth and my fit body and posture gives me confidence and energy to stay fresh and focus. I feel we all are born to give something back to the society and to get satisfaction and peace; I often try to donate my old clothes and other stuff in nongovernmental organisation. The best part is that it gives a ray of hope to improve life of other people who cannot afford it.

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