We cannot enjoy the success and move ahead alone in our life and need a partner, family or someone who is with us with us in different phases of our life. There are moments of happiness and sorrow in life and we need support of someone in such times. I consider my family as an important part in life which is always there with me to support me and stand behind me in tough times. They are my well wishers and source of motivation which keeps me going in life.

In my life there are many situations when we had financial issues and medical issues with my grandfather. But we all stood together to fight out and share the pain with a smile on our face. We came out of those difficult times without giving up at any point of time. Then there was a moment when I felt disappointed and lost in life due to failure in cracking the interviews during campus placement season. But I was happy to see that my family stood with me and gave me hope and optimism in life to keep on trying hard. They gave me the courage and lifted my confidence in tough times. Their blessing and advice helped me to give my best and get myself hired in a company.

I still recollect the most memorable day for me was when we bought our own house after many years living in rented accommodation. It was the best day for our family and it could not have been possible without contribution of every member of the family. My grandparents motivated my father and gave their some part of their savings. Then my mother and brother contributed part of their salary and I was the one who took the pain and efforts in making all arrangements regarding government clearance and house construction. We all did something to contribute to our dream home. It was great day when we invited all our close family members to see our home. We did some traditional ceremonies before entering the new home and also arranged for food and beverage for all the guests.

I would further share the example of cricket match where the key to success and win matches is having strong bonding within a team plus good partnership and coordination among players to perform as a single unit. No matter how much I earn or get success but there is no point in being alone and lonely. It is true that money cannot buy happiness and even at times we can enjoy great moments in life without having money but just being with each other. I believe that having family dinner together and going out for a vacation once a while is the way to celebrate life. The most expensive gift if we can give to someone is time and being committed to that person.

I pray to God that my family stays together and we live to celebrate more good moments in life.
The key to success in life understands the value of getting together and building relationships.

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