Important things in life for #CelebrateLifeAtIvy!

We are always busy in our life and it can be boring following the same schedule. There are happy hours in life and sad days too. Every day I wake up and try to have smile on my face. There are times when I am sad and little bit disappointed in life but small things and moments give me an opportunity to refresh myself and get going with it. Today I would like to tell you about the important things that make me enjoy my present time and give me happiness every second of my life are -

I try to live every single moment with my parents and share with them some jokes and do things to bring smile. I feel spending time with my close family members and celebrating special moments with each other make me happy and cheerful. It is so much fun going for vacation together or having dinner at night. I am also a big foodie and having a meal at anytime of the day at any place whether it is a local restaurant or a grand hotel brings big smile on my face. My happiness becomes twice when there are friends and family members are with me to accompany me for the meals
Cricket is not just sports for me but the truth is that I cannot live without cricket and I feel glad and happy whenever I see our Indian cricket team winning a match. There are so many emotions involved in it especially when India is playing against Pakistan. Success and getting my short goals accomplished gives me lot of happiness. I feel happy when my parents feel proud of me and talk about my success with other people.

Blogging is my best way to express my emotions and I love to blog and share my experience after working for whole day in the office. It gives me satisfaction and lightens up my spirits. I feel very happy when I am able to help someone to solve his issues or complex problems. There is fun in doing things which can make other people happy. Happiness comes automatically when I see the comedy shows on television and watching movies. Those funny and stupid acts with no sense makes me laugh and jovial. Looking back to my childhood photos and checking my stamp and coin collection once in a while helps me to back to childhood stage which makes me happy.

Last but not the least is cooking food and breakfast for family every weekend gives me chance to serve my family members and makes me very happy. It is always good to do things that take care of you and love you always and stand beside you in all stages of life.

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