My Money Book for Life

Management of finance and money is very important in life and keeping a track of it can be a very challenging task. But recently I received my money book which is the ultimate way to store all financial engagement. After exploring this money book for few days, I feel everyone should keep this book to keep his financial records and other asset details at one place. This book is really helpful to keep the track of everything related to finance in form of summary.

 5 useful things about the book -

1. Family Financial Planning made Simple
 I like the book as we can store detail information about our financial assets and other personal information at a single place. It helps me in analyzing my current financial situation and plan accordingly for the future. I can make a budget and plan accordingly through this money book.

2. Easy to Understand and Fill Details
The money book is created in a very symmetrical plus organised way and we can look up any record easily. There are separate columns to fill the important information like insurance policy number, exact date and also extra space is provided to write other details. We do not need to look at important documents everytime.It is so simple to just open a particular page and see details about different financial records within few seconds.

3. Life Saver for Family
Life has so many ups and downs and we cannot predict the future. It is important for family members to know about insurance and credit card or other financial instruments which can help in case of emergency situation. This book can be a life saver for me and my family. I feel more relaxed and tension free as my family can go through this book and can take advantage of funds and other information in my absence.

 Convenience for Account Handling
With help of money book, I can find about maturing policies and look up for important dates to arrange finance for payment of loans and bills. The other advantage is that there is no issue of keeping important records on digital platform or online where there are privacy and security issues. 

5. Environment Friendly and Saves Time
The ultimate thing about this money book is that it saves my time and money. I do not have to keep the print out of every document and I can find the information needed by just going through this book. This will help me to prevent having duplicate copy of financial documents. 

Though the money book takes care of every minute details of financial importance but still if I want some more important things added to the next edition of this book.

My wish list for the next edition of the book includes -

1. Add Digital Security Feature

We can use advanced technology and do something more to add privacy to it as the money book stores vital financial information. We do not want anyone to grab this book and can open it easily. I would suggest if there is possibility of adding digital finger scan or security feature which gives access to only family members. This way money book will be more secure and safe.

2. Adding Extra Pages and Calculator plus Pen

I want some more pages added in the end of the book for rough notes and calculation. It will be great to have a small calculator and pen attached to the book so that I can analyse my current financial information using calculator. A smart pen for this book so that I can write all the information using same pen.

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