Rising for Social Cause!

India got freedom more than sixty years ago from British rule but still we lack behind other developing countries in terms of literacy plus other economic and development factors. Our country has majority of young population who are going to be future of the nation but still we are not able to focus on providing everyone with basic education so that they can understand their responsibility towards the nation. It is found that education and literacy are primary factors in nation growth and development. I always feel that uneducated people in India are unaware of their rules and rights due to lack of education. Sometimes this leads to their exploitation when middlemen take advantage of them. Hence, we need to take some important steps to eliminate or reduce the illiteracy rate in India.
There is a need to bring in change in the mindset of the people so that there are no cases of child labor.Girls should not only be responsible for household chores but they should also get equal opportunity in terms of education. I consider it is important for everyone below the certain age should go to school and get basic minimum education. Though our government has started various policies which encourages parents to send their child to school but still they are not been implemented properly. Education should be the top priority for the government other than just fulfilling basic needs of water, housing and cloth.

It is important for society to understand their role in eradication of illiteracy. It is great to know that a non government organisation has taken a big step by setting up Varanasi boat school. This school is set up to focus on giving education to poor street children who cannot afford school fees. Varanasi boat school teaching environment is extraordinary as learning is fun here. The classes are conducted in ideal environment on floating boats across Ganges River. I like this innovative idea where main focus is on getting education and it does not matter whether there is a proper school building or a permanent address. Slowly and steadily school is rising and as a citizen of this country, we need to come forward and help these students. All our contribution would help in providing school children with educational toys, stationery, painting kit and computer etc which can help them in doing their homework and learn after school hours. Further it can help in makeover of the school interiors and adding books in school library. It is the time to stand for this social cause and be part of this great journey of doing right things in life. I guess if we contribute to this great cause then it will lead to magical transformation in life of these poor children.

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