My First Expert


Childhood is the best phase of life where there are not many difficult situations and life is tension free. It is just a smooth ride where you do not have to earn money or think about your future. The best part of childhood is that your family is around you and you become centre of attraction. Family members and specially mom is always standing beside you and taking care of everything. She is your best friend, mentor and teacher. I consider my mother as best in the world and she deserves a huge hug from me for being my first expert and had solution to my all problems. I feel spending time with my close family members and celebrating special moments with mom make me happy and cheerful.

My mother as my first expert who gave me the lesson on management of finance. When I was just seven years old, she brought me a piggy bank and this made me realize why money is very important in life and keeping a track of it can be a very challenging task. Further she gave me a small diary to keep the track of everything related to my pocket in form of summary.Also, when I was in my school and got less marks in one of the subject, I was very disappointed but mom came to rescue me. There are many such times when I am sad and little bit disappointed in life but mom advice and her love give me an opportunity to refresh myself and get going with it. My mother knows everything about me and she always share with my some jokes and do things to make me smile.

Mom taught me the mantra that is to think positive and get confidence. I believe it is my mother who backs me every day to give my best and her words give me confidence and act like a positive force. My mother is my fire-fighter in life as she is always there with me to support me and stand behind me in tough times. She is my well wisher and source of motivation which keeps me going in life. There was a moment when I felt disappointed and lost in life due to failure in cracking the interviews during campus placement season. But I was happy to see that my mother and other family members stood with me and gave me hope and optimism in life to keep on trying hard. She gave me the courage and lifted my confidence in tough times. Her blessing and advice helped me to give my best and get myself hired in a company. I would give credit to my mother who has given me full support in terms of finance, emotional and everything till date.

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