Decoding the Bad Odour Secret

It can be really embarrassing situation when your friends and relatives try to behave in an unusual way just because of sweat or bad body odour. This is one of the awkward situations and believe me as you step out of the house, they are hundreds of people who have bad body odour issues wherever you go. You may go to public place like hospital, railway station or cinema hall. I can tell you my real experience as I travel in Delhi metro every day and it becomes so difficult standing there in the train just because of bad smell coming from person next to you. I feel like jumping out of the train as there is not much I can do about it. It is in our DNA that we are bound to sweat and spread some kind of odour which is natural.
Today through this blog I would like to share with you my experience about ways to eliminate this bad odour. In order to tackle this issue and spread awareness about body odour problems and motivate people to discuss the problem, Nivea with blogadda with #Sniffsniff campaign few days back and taking on board bloggers spread across various part of the country.

As a part of the campaign, it was not clear about what is the #sniff sniff activity is all about and every alternate day, I received three different packages which had mysterious products in it.

My first package for the #sniffsniff activity involved a blue box with #sniffsniff written on it. As I opened the box, there was a clip and a card depicting man nose. The clip was pinned to the nose which clearly indicated to me that product is related to fighting the body odour or bad smell issue. Till this point it was not clear anything about the product but it was something related to cleanliness and odour issues.

In another two days I received my next parcel and it was a bit heavy than the first one and there was coffee smell coming from it. It was a brown sack packed in beautifully and my first thought was wheat or cereal but it was coffee beans inside the potali.Now I tried to link the first clue and second one and thought the product was linked to odour issues but there was now little confusion whether it was good smell or bad smell.

The third package received was a big box and it contained a white mask. The clue was pretty much clear and taking all the clues in mind, I had sort that the #sniff sniff product is going to tackle the body odour issues and will eliminate the bad smell.

I was regularly following the #sniffsniff hashtag on twitter and came to know about the #sniffsniff campaign event in Mumbai where the mysterious body odour product from Nivea was launched by one of the bollywood actor Arjun Rampal.The hashtag was quite trending on twitter whole day and finally the moment came when Nivea introduced India's 1st Body Deodorizer. 

I was lucky that next day the final package arrived and it was the newly launched Nivea Body Deodorizer which has capability to fight the body odour issues for men and I really liked its fragrance too.

“I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.”

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