From #SmellyToSmiley at home

With start of great Swatch Bharat campaigns dedicated to make India clean, we should be part of it and in order to make it success, we should start this from our house itself. It is not just about cleanliness issue but also talks on bad odour and smell everywhere around us. There are different kinds of odour in kitchen, dining room and bathroom in everyone house. It can be really embarrassing situation when your friends and relatives visit my home and it smells really bad. Today through this blog I would like to share with you my experience about ways to eliminate these bad odours.

Starting from kitchen, First and important thing is to make sure that food is never kept in open and it is not stale food. Stale food can be injurious to health and also spreads smell all over the house. We should eat fresh food each day to keeps bad odour & stink away from home. Please wash your utensils everyday otherwise if you leave utensils unwashed, it leads to a room for germs, bacteria and bad odour. My mom method is to wash kitchen area with lime and vinegar to remove built-up food odours. While cooking fish and non vegetarian food, we usually open kitchen windows and start exhaust fan or switch on kitchen chimney to get the smell of cooking.

Then we have dining room and bed room. There can be odour issues from the shoe rack and the way to solve this problem is use old newspaper to absorb all the moisture & prevent smell from it. Sweeping the floor with dettol liquid wash like in hospitals helps to absorb odours and eliminate them. We can also try using Ambi pur to drive away the bad door from the room. They acts as air freshener too and comes in different flavour variants.

Most of the people prefer to transform their home from smelly from smiley during the special occasions and festivals only. We need to bring the change and clean our homes regularly & frequently to ensure that they remain beautiful and odour-free homes throughout the year. Kids are lazy and do not want to remove their old books or clean their rack. Therefore it is important to pay attention to places we don't normally clean, such as inside cabinets, under study table and along windows. We should have flowers like Mogra and Lily in our house garden as smell of this flower makes our home smell good and lights the atmosphere. Certain flowers and plants absorb and prevent formation of foul smell too.I hope these tips will help you to turn away from bad odours and brings #SmellytoSmiley effect.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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