Eliminating Hair Dandruff

Everyone talks about keeping their body healthy but everyone misses out the essential component of skin which is about getting our hair healthy. I would dedicate this blog post to things to keep in mind related hair dandruff and its symptoms and cure. I was going through an article on Rewardme which identifies the dandruff issue and guides users like me to get rid of hair dandruff.

I would like to share with my readers about my personal experience on how this dandruff affected me and how I got rid of it. I commute and travel by public transport system via Delhi metro, local train which makes my hair expose to the all the dirt particles and it is bound to damage my hair and there is no way I can get out of it. All credit to India population and lack of efficient transport system. With increasing environmental issues and adulteration effect, dandruff and other skin problems are common these days. Further stress due to high workload and other conditions has aggravated to the cause of dandruff. I never thought that little bits of dirt and other vermin that get into the hair and can cause damage to hair and dandruff.

Some tips I want to tell which are really effective in Eliminating Hair Dandruff -

1. You must use Anti dandruff shampoo and Conditioner at-least two-three times a week and massage your hair with fingertips and let it be there for minute or so to completely get into the scalp. This therapy really works for me and also my hair look smooth, soft, and extra shiny.Anti Dandruff shampoo is an effective way to prevent chlorine build-up and should be used after swimming session. If you are travelling then must carry pouch of shampoo and conditioner in travel kit every time.

2. Winter season and drop in temperature can increase the chances of having dandruff and thus increases percentage deposits of uric acid crystals and impurities that can permanently damage the hair growth on the scalp and cause dandruff. Therefore coconut oil is must as it ensures that hair receives nourishment and right ingredient for growth of hair.

3. Dandruff flakes can be irritating and natural way to eliminate it is to apply yoghurt. Massage the scalp for few minutes and then wash it. It will help to make hair soft and silky and prevent dandruff formation.

4. Ayurvedic and natural treatment is also recommended and use of lemon mixed with oil is effective way as it does not harm your hair and removes dandruff due to its natural properties.

I hope these tips will help you to eliminate dandruff and recharge your hair and you do not have to worry anymore about hair getting messed up by end of day!

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