My Nose Knows

I am born and living in this incredible country for years now. Everything has changed a lot in terms of advanced technology and better facilities over the years but one thing which remains the same and never improved is the way we live. I am here talking about the cleanliness issue and the filthy smell which reminds of certain places whenever I visit them. The railway stations and the bus stand are the worst but we have to adjust to the conditions as there is no suitable alternative.I remember my old days few years back when I was travelling to Varanasi which was around seven hours journey and it was a complete torture for me. I cannot even write in words about that journey which I name it the stinking journey of my life. It was winter season and I could not get tickets in the third AC coach and hence I booked the general class coach. I thought my journey would be good one as I am travelling but it was not the case.

Upon entering the general coach my nostrils were accustomed by a chemical foul smell equivalent to broken eggs. I simply could not breathe out but with no other option; I quickly went to my seat and tried to adjust to the condition. I put a handkerchief on my nose and waited for the train to start. Then the real torture began when I found the person sitting next to me who was a villager and was stinking like hell and had stubble on his face and looked as if he had not taken bath for months. He was wearing a dirty white pajama and his body was stinking like a garbage can. As the coach was fully loaded and there was no empty seat, I had no option to try adjusting with him for this holy trip to Varanasi. At one point of time I felt as if I would faint when he lifted his arm. I could sense the sweat and smell which forced me to walk out of the coach and stand near the door to inhale some breadth of fresh air. With some courage, I went to my seat again and tried to maintain some gap so that I could get some relief from bad smell.

By this point of time, the stinker realized the message but instead tried to come closer to me again. I had no option but to sit and face him throughout the journey as it was general class coach. I could not sleep and was much disturbed as I could sense his foul smell. After some time I felt like vomiting and started looking for some medicine. It was luck by chance that I found deodorant in my shaving kit and without thinking I sprayed all over me and into the coach. After a while other passengers sitting next to me came out and thanked me for this innovative idea of spraying the deodorant. But still that stinky person was not embarrassed and was behaving like nothing had happened. 

After that journey,I took an oath to never travel in general coach in my life.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.

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