Solving Pimples Problem With Nature’s Power

We all have pimple problem at some stage of life and it is right there from childhood and has caused so much trouble in my life. Pimple affects our face value and personality. We often try to prick the pimple so that it could disappear quickly but just after few hours, we find another one coming and thick pigment would evolve which gave rise to many more. I hate pimples on my face as it lowers my self confidence and people start staring at me and often try to make fun of me. In my school, pimples used to be the cause and reason when my class mates used to bully me and tried to call me with weird name.

Rewardme is one of best sites where there are amazing articles related to skin and health issues. I found an article very informative for solving pimples problem with nature’s power. I am inspired by it and thought to write about it to share my views and ways to cure it.

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Here I would like to tell about solving pimples problem With Nature’s Power-

1. One of the natural solutions to this issue is using mixture of multani mitti and rose water. This is   one of most successful formula till now and it really helps to reduce pimple and fight against germs, pollution and remove excess oil from face. 

2. Another important thing to remember is that our diet. It is important to consume good and healthy food. The simplest cure to pimples is to use lemon mixed with orange scrub as it eliminates dryness and makes face look smooth and soft. We should use lemon and honey paste and wash our face after every few hours. This brings instant glow to the skin and act as natural bleacher. Oily skin can lead to pimples and blackheads and in such a case aloe Vera is the best solution. Apply Aloe Vera and leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

 3. Talking about pimples, people who work in entertainment industry have to undergo laser treatment and other procedures because their face value works for them getting a role in the industry. But we should first try to use natural ingredients and try Ayurvedic formula to cure it because make up and creams can harm the skin. Sugar and olive oil if applied can provide deep cleansing of pores and make skin pimple free.

4. Our eating and drinking habits and consumption of fast food and snacks with chocolates can cause pimples too. We should avoid it because it is not good for health and can lead to oily skin and pimples. With increasing pollution, stress and adulteration effect, acne and pimple has increased multiple times and solution to restore skin and bring freshness to face is using rose water before going to sleep.

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