Time for #MaxFreshMove


Cricket fever has taken everyone and Indian premier league has added more flavour to it. You may go from north to south or east to west, everywhere you will find people talking about cricket and players. I think we need to come out of cricket and see the other forms of entertainment too. Everything has a value for some time and charm and now the Indian premier league is over and Indian next tour is going to be started next week, so many of my close friends in the office will look for another form of entertainment.Usually they pass time by going to pub bars and watching football match or hangout at some amusement park. They always look for some or the other reason to celebrate and this time they have decided to make me host for giving the party for getting recommendation from my boss for completing the project on time. My friends are always looking for happy hours and time to chill out. I have no other choice left but to give up against their wishes and be the party organiser. My boss is really helpful and really good and I am going to invite my boss and all team members as it is said more the merrier. Unlike the usual party where we order pizza from pizza hut and have some strong beverage, this time I have decided to change the way we party. I am going to surprise all of them and make this party more bigger and better. It is time to give up the old traditional way of party where we listen to music and just pass time. There is no dance or entertainment and it is more about drinking than partying.

I have a plan where I will call the coolest Allu Arjun and majestic Anushka Manchanda to help me out in making this party a big success.They are quietly brilliant and have got famous as they are so talented and can mesmerize anyone when they come together to add madness though their dance and music styles. I love the allu arjun dances and his dance style is inspiration for many youngsters. Anushka on the other hand has such a beautiful voice and one cannot stop listening to her. If both are together, they can add fun and bring energy to my party. I am sure my boss will be really impressed with me and my friends would be happy.
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