Time to Start #MaxFreshMove

College days are the best time in my life and I love going to college every day. There are so many things to do there from learning something new stuff and also chatting with friends and much more. The best time of the year in the college when there is an annual sports fest held in the college every year. In past few years it has been found that many of our college students from different streams and other youngsters in our college mostly try to avoid the college function because it lacks the entertainment value and all we get to hear is the boring speech from respected college trustees and other chief guests. They found it as somehow very serious and quite boring way to celebrate this special day. At some point I too agree with them and this day should involve some dance and music activities. I love to participate in it every year and also some time I take up the challenge to be the perfect host and help college in event preparation and everything related to it. If you ask me about hosting an event, it could be a very challenging job which requires lot of efforts in order to perceive the audience and try to get their attention. It is very difficult job to sustain the audience and keep them interested and follow you every second. I think the audience is always looking to something more interactive and out of the box rather than listening to the boring lecture.
 My way of doing is more practical and I believe in doing things in animated way so that audience is thrilled and stay fresh after the session is ended. We need to make the session lighter so that people can enjoy and become comfortable plus get involved rather than one on one session. I can only imagine the wildness if both super talented Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda combo perform in our college. I bet you that there will be full attendance and crowd will love them.I am big fan of Anushka melodious voice and Arjun dance moves which they bring out during their performance is something phenomenon and out of this world. They just rock on the dance floor and make the crowd mad. I feel their lit up the atmosphere and redefine the atmosphere wherever they perform. They will set the stage on fire with their #MaxFreshMove.All I hope that college brings the change and on demand of students. Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda are the best in business and if I have a chance, I would surely invite them in our college fest as a guest and entertain the crowd if possible.Their presence will make this day special for all the students and will make it memorable day for all.

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