Baby Massage

Baby oil massage is very important for the growth of the body of the baby. Giving massage with oil has both emotional as well as physical benefits. When we give massage to the body it helps to increase the blood circulation in the body of the baby. In a newborn child the blood vessels are not that strong as in a grown up adult and so giving massage with light hands help to increase the blood flow and make the body healthy. Also giving massage can help in developing the muscles of the body and give the strength to the body to start voluntary actions. It is scientifically proved that a baby with whom good massage is done is physically healthier and has stronger muscles than a normal one.
As far as emotional benefits is considered, it is always observed that when the parent is involved in taking care of the baby by giving massage to the body or by any other physical contact then the parent-child bond gets stronger and keeps them together. This can be explained as follows, when we put the baby on the bed then she starts crying however if we take her in our hands it starts smiling, so just think if only gentle touching makes a change then how good it would be for the baby if the whole of her body is massaged by the parent. It would relax her and also make her feel secure so that she can have a nice sleep and at this stage of life good sleep helps in devoting energy towards development of the body.

Now, we have understood the importance of giving massage to the body of the baby. Another important point that arises in the minds of everyone is why and which oil should be used. Oil helps to make the hand wet and reduces the friction between the skin this helps to give a smooth and better contact with the body of the baby. Also, using oil benefits in many ways as there are different oils present in the market and each type of oil contains different ingredients which help in making the body of the child healthy depending on the type of ingredient present in the oil.
Some of the actively used oils for the baby massage are almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Each of the three has their own advantages and drawbacks too. All it depends on the need of the body of the baby and it also differs on the type of skin the baby has.Recently Dabur a well known brand has come up with Dabur Baby Massage Oil which contains all the active ingredients as required for baby growth and development.

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