Best Way to Drive at Formula 1 track

It could have been a usual boring weekend for me but than being a blogger has its own perks.It is so cool that I was invited to test drive the all new Honda Jazz at Buddha International Circuit with fellow bloggers from different parts of the country who were their with me as part of this amazing test drive before anyone else.Honestly speaking,it was something which I wanted to do in my life and got lucky this time and all credit goes to blogging.Buddha circuit is amazing new place for me and to get a test drive of Honda Jazz there was like a dream come true.I am glad that Honda took extra care and preventive measures with a small brief before the test drive with route map. 
There at Buddha Circuit,I got the chance to see and feel orange colored Honda Jazz.I really liked its sporty sleek head lamps and LED rear tail lamps which were my first attraction and I think it really gave the car a refreshing and attractive looks but that was not all as on a closer look on rear area, there was a rear parking camera installed with multi view display and LED high mount stop lamp and also a small micro antenna.All these features makes this car truly incredible and smart car.
Further,I like the alloy wheels which were also quite creatively designed to give a sporty, new generation car. The outside mirrors of the car were also updated with latest technology so that they can be adjust electrically and designed in taking younger generation as the main user.The exterior overall was up to my needs in terms of looks and latest style but another important aspect which I was looking for space but when I opened the doors of the car, I found that the car comes with various seating modes as the seats are adjustable and can be folded to provide tall mode, utility mode, refresh mode or long mode. The interior of the car has in built integrated audio with 12.2 cm screen, advanced multi information meter with eco assign ambient rings and multi-functional steering wheel with audio controls.
Well after observing so much about the car, I could not wait to drive it on the Buddha circuit and when I started the car, it was like piece of cake, so smooth in driving that it gave me a totally different driving experience. Well, I investigated more about the engine and found that Honda Jazz comes in two variants, one being i-DTEC that is diesel engine with mileage up to 27.3 kmpl which has 1.5L engine with maximum power of 100ps and comes with six speed gear box. While other being i-VTEC that is petrol engine with mileage up to 19kmpl which has 1.2L engine with maximum power of 90ps and comes with five speed gear box.
I was so thrilled in driving the car that I didn’t even realize that I just completed the circuit. This new Honda Jazz is a whole lot more and never seen before car as its gives incomparable features in terms of comfort, technology, power and innovation.
The whole event was amazing with Honda Hangout at the end of the event and it was great to be part of it.

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