Saving the Big Ones

Animals are very much important for the human existence on this planet. It is a matter of great concern which all of us should understand that many species of the animals are on the verge of getting extinct and hence announced endangered for wildlife preservation. This problem has arisen because each and everyone is trying to exploit the available natural resources by taking path of deforestation and harming the fragile ecosystem. But I think it is our duty towards humanity to save the populations of these animals from getting extinct.     

Some of such species of animals involve the worldwide famous Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic elephants and Leopards. Animals are important not only for all those things that they directly give to us but also because they are the part of the biotic-cycle of nature. Extinction of any species causes a disturbance in this biotic-cycle which can indirectly also affect our survival on this planet. A very simple example of this is, we all know that the lion eat the deer and the deer eat the grass, now if by any reason all the lions get extinct then there will be a high population of deer and they would eat up all the grass before it can be replenished naturally. This is the first consequence. The second one can be if by chance all the deer get extinct then there would be a lot of grass but the lions would not be able to eat them and would start dyeing out of starvation and they would also become extinct and a lot of grass would surround the earth.

As far as the Royal Bengal Tigers are concerned, they are the most numerous tiger subspecies in the world.We have seen that in recent years, the tigers population has started felling very rapidly demanding special attention towards it. I would also point out that another very important animal species that is merely on the verge of getting extinct is the Asiatic Elephant and that is the only existing subspecies of the genus “ELEPHAS” t that is present on the planet.Elephants are major attraction for tourists in many places and specially Kerala.They boost up the tourism in India and now it is our turn to payback.

The third animal species that I would like to talk about is Leopard. It is also one of the species that has been alerted red on the list of IUCN which announced this species to be threatened. This species has been consistently observed with reducing number of population day by day. I would request all to save this endangered animal species from getting extinct forever from this earth.

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