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Cricket is not just a game to me, it’s like my soul. It is the best mode of my relaxation.The game of Cricket is totally unique and we can one make good friends and can enjoy a day under the sun. The best thing to learn from it is that anyone who wants to enter in the game is to never give up and to believe in you. Cricket is very famous game of India, the game has created a magnificent place in every Indian’s heart. Cricket is a passion for me and I can play cricket for all day long. I love to watch the Indian cricket team playing and I am very crazy about Indian cricket matches that sometimes I even watch the repeat telecast of every match.

I remember in my childhood I tried every possible excuse to let my parents to watch me cricket matches. My passion for the game began like most people, at the age of 9 I used to watch the matches with my father and from there my interest arises. My first coach was my dad himself, he taught me all the required basics and then I was ready with my bat to hit some shots. Then as my interest developed more I joined a cricket academy nearby to my house, day by day I got transformed into a good player and all my hardships and my mental approaches helped me quite well.
I remember I used to ask my parents for a night stay in my friend’s house so as to study during exams but after getting there we used to watch the night matches on the internet. After seeing the popularity of the game it was the ideas of big MNC’s to put the game on internet too as many people due to some inconvenience were unable to watch the game like the office workers and the one who have night shifts in office. But sometimes it’s a big problem to watch the game on the internet as it takes a lot of time to get the videos to get load and due to the interference of buffering it ruins the mood of the viewers. Also sometimes the videos are blurred and lacked the proper clarity and even the sounds too.
Things have become better with time and now when I am travelling out for office work or busy with clients. I can see the Maxwell innings or Gayle storm with help of UC Cricket and browsing the website best part is that UC Browser is available across different platforms and devices. Now I can watch the match without any problem at any point of time. The UC Cricket gives the real time updates about the scores within few seconds of opening the browser. I really love this UC Cricket on my phone and computer.

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