4G Tweet Treat by Airtel

We all know how technology has led to digital revolution in India but now airtel has brought a smarter and more powerful revolution in telecommunication industry by starting their airtel 4G sim services for mobile phones. As a mobile user, I love to use latest technology and want to save my time and resources in this fast pace life where there is so much to do. I remember few years back, we had to go to the market and find a mobile operator to buy the sim card and avail the different services plus doing the physical documentation.
Airtel has come up with better way to engage with customers and providing them Airtel sim with 4G services through twitter platform. Airtel has really done a commendable job in building customer relationships online for Airtel user having a 4G handset.You can get 4G sim delivered to their home for free with help of their twitter account. It is hardly a matter of 140 characters now and a tweet with hash tag #GetAirtel4G can bring you closer to 4G sim upgrade. Once you send your tweet using #GetAirtel4G, within moments you will get a reply from @AirtelIndia handle and you will get started with the process of obtaining 4G sim within few hours at your address. 

I think the future is already here with Airtel 4G networks and it is faster than even I have imagined than airtel 3G network. The first thought when I heard about 4G services from Airtel was that it could be more expensive and could not come under my budget plan. There was little hesitation as I belong to middle class family and so I am always having an urge to get more outcomes while spending less money. But then I visited the site http://www.airtel.in/4g/index and got some valuable information about the 4G services. The good news is that we can enjoy the 3G pack data benefits at same cost but with high speed. I think that Airtel 4G service will be perfect for me as now I can browse internet and watch videos instantly without buffering issues. Airtel has further come up with a challenge that if user network is faster than airtel, then they will pay customer bills for life.
So if you want to stay in fast lane and love to watch and download videos in shortest time possible, then head to twitter and send a tweet to #GetAirtel4G to get this super fast 4G experience at your doorstep now.
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