I am big fan of Allu Arjun Sir who is my mentor and one of the most sensational  and talented superstar.I have seen him in many times on television but this time his video with Anushka has won hearts of many people like me and his brand new dance video is already going a hit among many youngsters.I really like the way he adds fusion to the dance and his beats style is so unique on the #maxfreshmove music directed by Pradeep Sarkar.Though I am still learning to dance but I wanted to perform on this song so as to give a tribute to Allu Arjun Sir and try to do it in a fun way.The song energizes me and I have made it my message tune too.Checkout the madness in the move I have brought by myself.I like to show the wild and entertaining style of my dance through this video on this song.
I love the lyrics of this song too and try to sing it along many times while walking or going for a walk.The song lives up to my expectation.I have tried the Punjabi fusion with Gujarati mix combination in this video and I know it is funny and I am sure it will bring smile on your face.I am not so open in nature but this song gave me a break to start dancing without thinking much.

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