Full on Masti with #Maxfreshmove

I feel really happy today sharing with you all about my dance masti and madness video trying to show my #colgatemaxfreshmove.I am a cool customer and love to be creative and innovative at the same time. I am engaged to the Colgate Taazgi ka dhamaka tune and really love it from my heart. The vocal sound and music really helps me to relax and give me self motivation from within to step up myself and start dancing to the tune. The song brings smile to my face and I have tried to shake legs and arms in my own style to make it look more cranky and cool. The dance for me is all about expressing myself and not trying to be a professional dancer. Listening to this music will help me to stay fresh and be refreshed. I rhyme the song lyrics many times while. The song and its tune are very instrumental and this is why I thought to dance on this song. I have tried the South Indian fusion with Punjabi style steps in this video. I am going to remember this song for much time from now on and I am sure everyone who sees my masti and mad style of dancing will laugh and enjoy it. Such type of activities sometimes helps me to stay active and get out of my daily work routine.

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