My Best Five Novels

Though everything is becoming digital but I still prefer to read printed books and novels. Many people like reading books and following the old traditional way. Some also prefer them over watching movies as reading books make us feel attached to them and also make the story like as if it is our own. Many books are related to real stories of people and many are also fictitious which are so much integrated that the reader gets really a feeling that the story is really happening with them. I feel happy to read books whenever I get time. 

I would know like to tell about my 5 favourite novels. The first one is “Revolution 2020”, the second being “Half Girlfriend” followed by “2 States”, “One Night at the call centre” and “Five Point Someone”. These are one of the best novels I have ever read in life. I read many novels but my favourite author is ChetanBhagat.The exact tale of love marriage with her spouse is explained in detail in his national bestseller “2 States”.Chetan Bhagat always wanted to become a writer, he never believed in working for someone else but not everything is in our hands. So, destiny plays a major role to play and that is what exactly has happened with Chetan too. He wrote his first book on his Alma mater i.e. IIT Delhi. The book became the national bestseller and was titled as Five Point Someone. I like the Revolution 2020 which is based on the story of a boy named “Gopal”. He is a poor boy who is preparing for engineering Entrance Exam but he is not able to crack a nut in the right place and being financially weaker he is not able to get admitted into a college for higher studies. Then Destiny leads him to become a big name and become a very rich person. There is no doubt that the book portrays such breathtaking emotional moments and send a strong message for the readers in his book related to our life.I also love to read books and short stories related to wildlife and environment, Such books are my favorite which takes up this great initiative to convey a message that we need to take care of eco-system and protect wildlife.

Though I had an option to purchase these books from major retail stores but either they were out of stock or either charging full price for the book. At this junction many e-commerce sites play a vital role in making these novels easily available to people as they are generally not available in the market so easily. I like Flipkart and Amazon the most for purchasing these novels as they are easily available to me on time. Further it is so awesome thing to grab the discount flipkart coupons and deals on books and novels using and it really helps me save my pocket money and buy more books and novels. It gives me the option of finding the best deal on that product and then I can go ahead and avail the best deal. Then there is so much ease of buying them and getting them delivered at your doorstep with no shipping charges.
I would recommend to everyone to read books to increase their knowledge and make sure to check before making your next purchase online to get the best deal on the e-commerce sites.

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