#SachchiAdvice in Life

Some memories stay with you forever and it gives you so much pleasure when you see them over the years. For some people it is getting their first salary or buying a new house. For me it was my first car. Which I bought with my hard earned money. I loved it very much as it was my first car and so I was emotionally attached to it very much. It was great to drive my own car but then after installation of CNG kit, my car performance degraded over a period of time and it was not the same and I found issues with it. I was literally fed up of my own car as it was getting old day by day and my expenses on its maintenance were increasing. Selling your own car was the only solution and it was quite a challenging task for me few years ago as I had to find a dealer who could find the prospect buyer.
I met with number of dealers but they were all charging high commission. Then I got my friend Arun advice and he is a computer engineer. We were just having a chit chat and he told me that with improvement of technology and growth of e-commerce, now I can easily sell any product whether old or new online. The best part is that we can use internet even we are residing in non metro cities. Then within few minutes, I started my laptop and he guided me with simple process. We browsed some online classified portal and search keywords like sell old car. Then he told about his experience about selling his old scooter by posting his ad online. He further gave me #SachchiAdvice about five things essential before selling a car. He told me to get my car inspected by a certified mechanic who can calculate and tell about the exact pricing plus lower and upper limit so that you can negotiate with buyer easily while selling the car. Then he told me to click car interior and exterior high definition pictures as looks matter the most to the seller. It is important to take quality photos from different angles with help of photographer and using professional digital camera. I took my canon camera and clicked the best and high quality pictures of my car and then uploaded it online with help of my friend. He advised me further to keep all car documents and do not hide anything regarding purchase bill, engine size, car model year etc and specify all the terms and conditions clearly before uploading your ad online.

After uploading the car advertisement online, I was amazed to get so many responses from the buyers and within 15 days, my old car was sold with help of my friend help. I felt really happy to have such close friends in life who give me right direction and always ready to help out.

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