Real Togetherness

There is no doubt in my mind that present technology has made our life very organised but it also has some flaws. It is about being less active in social circle and the real togetherness is no more the same as it was before. Building relationship and togetherness is most important thing in life and it is applicable to both personal and professional life. We have become more digital and tech savvy now and less social in life. There was time when we used to be more users friendly and less dependent on technological products in our life. We are more online into digital world than offline. It is found that even when we are at home, there is an anxiety in all of us to stay connected through social media groups like Whatsapp and Face book to connect with friends and family. We are spending more time on using digital products and using these social groups to send birthday wishes, greetings and have forgot the role of real togetherness.

We find less time to engage in celebrating special moments in our life and not able to devote all our time together with family in real sense. During my childhood days, there were no mobiles or smart devices. We had so much fun and enjoyment in life. All the family members used to sit together and have real enjoyment by watching the television together and having dinner in a park. There were no more distractions or message notifications and we could end our day with so much of joy and in a peaceful manner. I remember my cousins and relatives would come to my home and we would celebrate the festival together and exchange gifts. We would sit for hours in the park and enjoy each other company and have real fun and good time together. I want to revive my childhood days and bring back those old memories alive again and have good time together.

I want to feel the real togetherness again by switching off my mobile phone for quite some time and mute all the social media notifications and enjoy the life with my real friends and relatives. It is often said that spending time with family is best way to find togetherness. I often feel that being open and doing chores and work together makes sense to find the real togetherness in life. I think we all should indulge in cooking food and preparing breakfast for family every week as it also gives a chance to serve our family members and true spirit of bonding. The ultimate point is to stand with your family and real friends in tough times as that is the moment of courage which defines the real togetherness. I find being connected to nature is one of the best ways to revive the real togetherness. We need to take a break from digital world and spend time by taking trip to mountains and hill stations. We can try some adventure activities like paragliding or rafting with family members and use this opportunity to celebrate real togetherness in life.

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