#SoftestForBabySkin is Must

Babies are best blessing from God but often parents find it difficult handling their new born babies and it is important that extra care is provided to them so that babies remain happy and healthy. Baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive to external environment and so it requires more attention and care. I would like to tell through this blog about five simple ways to take care of baby skin which can often help in parenting.

First and foremost is using the right product which is authentic and trusted for kids. Do not buy local products or cheap bad quality products like soaps or creams as it can be harmful to children skin and hurt their skin or create rashes. Make sure to consult doctor or certified practitioner for guidelines. We should spend more and more time with baby to get his attention and so that the baby recognize the family members and gives a response. Second thing is babies are more suspect to change in environmental conditions and hence we should not keep them under the fan or chilled room. Sitting under the sunshine for longer period also sometimes can cause change in skin colour and harm the baby skin. We should also avoid air condition room and try to take the baby out in the open air and natural environment. Babies should not be given cold or very hot water bath and instead normal water should be use so that baby does not get cold or any other health problem.

It is important that babies consume good and healthy food. They should be given simple diet without much oil or spice in the early age. We should also use oil and honey paste and wash the baby face after every few hours. This brings instant glow to the skin and act as natural bleacher and removes dirt. Massaging the body before sleep and after bath is also very helpful for baby growth and development of strong bones. This also helps in proper blood circulation and makes baby active. Babies often cry with wet diaper and thus we should check regularly on them and try to change them regularly. Choosing the right diaper is important and we should always buy the right size and shape so that baby feels secure and remains happy. We should also remember to go for regular baby check up and follow vaccine programs as stated by doctors for healthy baby. Babies should always give coconut oil massage or rose water with fruit pack for clean and clear skin white face.

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