Babies are very much loving to everyone and they bring happiness in the family. Babies are so special and unique and all parents want that their baby is healthy and strong so that baby can live a better life in this world. Parents take care of every need of their child right from the beginning from the very first day and so on. They do everything so that baby can have all the comfort in life. Baby skin is very elegant and sensitive as compared to adults and requires extra care.
Baby hair and scalp is still in developing stage and during such time, Ayurvedic and natural treatment is recommended. Best thing is using of lemon mixed with oil in a effective way as it does not harm baby hair and helps in growth due to its natural properties. It is important that using the branded shampoo so that it helps in making baby hair smooth, soft, and shiny.

I would like to tell about 5 things which can keep baby skin soft and healthy.The best technique for baby care is using hand massage. Baby oil massage is very important for the growth of the body of the baby. Giving massage with oil has both emotional as well as physical benefits. It leads to increase in the blood circulation in the body of the baby. It is known that newborn child blood vessels are not that strong enough as in a grown up adult and so massage with light hands help to increase the blood flow and make the body healthy.

Health is real wealth and it is important that baby do consume good and healthy food. Baby cannot consume the food directly but it is important that baby get good diet for healthy skin. I think food act as catalyst for baby skin plus keeps him fresh and energetic.Winter days and drop in temperature increases the chances of having dry skin and effects baby skin. The simplest cure is to use lemon mixed with honey as it makes skin look smooth and soft. This brings instant glow to the skin and act as natural bleacher. It also improves blood circulation and consuming honey helps to strengthen baby immune system.

Last but the not least, babies frequently cry when they feel uncomfortable in their diaper. Parents often are unaware that diaper can cause rashes and hurt baby skin. They can make skin red and baby may start crying and get irritated at times. My advice is to use the right diaper size and often change it after every few hours and check if it wet or not.

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