Ladoo Recipe without Sugar

This festival season is full of gifts and yummy sweets. I love Mummy home cooked food and it is something I like very much. Her signature sweet is boondi ladoo which is so delicious and I love these ladoos very much. I consider this mother special sweet as one thing which is very much priceless for me.Today, I would like to share my mom secret recipe with you all about preparing the delicious Sugar Free Bond Ladoo which is healthy and hygienic while making it delicious at the same time.

Primary and Secondary Ingredients are -

Besan Gram Flour – 1 cup
Baking soda – a pinch
Sugar-Free Natura 
Yellow colour as per your wish
Cardamom powder – 1 tablespoon
Cloves – 3-4 bits
Cashews - few pieces
Dry grapes – few in number

Method for preparation -

1. Once you have all the ingredients set up, next step is to take a pan and add Oil and Ghee in little amount for frying cashews and dry grapes. You must keep two separate perforated ladles for keeping the batter and another one for straining the boondi.

2. Now take some soda and besan. Add colour and water to it and make a paste out of it. At same time, heat oil. Then dip your fingers in batter and it must coat the finger. Once oil is hot, then pour the batter with ladle in circular motion to make it look like balls. Use a tissue paper for keeping the boondis and repeat the process again till all the batter is finished.

3. Take another pan and add Sugar free Natura about 3 tablespoons or more as per your sweetness requirement and add water to it. Now boil it till the bubble start forming. At this moment, you must stir it well so that your sweet sugar free syrup is ready.
4.Last process is making Ladoo.You must add fried cashews nut, cardamom powder and dry grapes to the friend boondi.Now take this fried boondi in a bowl and mix it with sugar free syrup made from Sugarfree Sweetner.Now just roll this mixture in form of balls and enjoy the sweet dish.

This recipe is Sugar free with less calorie and will give you same taste and will be good for health.Now try it and share your experience with me.

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