Fight Back against Sexual Violence and #KnowYourRights

Life becomes very hard for the victims and there is not much support we can find from the society which is very inhuman in many ways and this causes victim to suffer the most. It is such conditions which harms the victim very much and leads to more problems in their life. They are not accepted by the society very easily and people try to ignore them in such times when they need their help and support from them. They are left alone in the middle of this problem and even if someone tries to help such victims, the person is pressurized from his family members or friends to stay away from them. It looks as if the victim has committed the crime and is responsible for it.

Today, I would like to tell about why it is very much important for all of us to fight back against Sexual Violence and how #KnowYourRights can help the victim.

Face the World

People would often make weird comments and jokes around the victim and this would happen on regular basis. The situation would reach at such a limit that the victim tries to stay confined to four walls of the house and think twice before taking a step forward. This brings in loneliness and life very tough for the victim. But the victim should report the issue despite of the consequences and be fearless about the whole incident.It will give the victim another reason to live life and become more stronger too.

Taking the Strict action at Right Time

It is important of reporting of such sexual harassment and incident at right time and informs the police authority. This will help in taking the immediate action against the criminal and judicial authority can collect enough proof and evidence which may be removed or eliminated from the crime scene at a later stage and thus hamper the process of getting justice. The criminal may walk free out of jail due to lack of evidence and proof.
Set an Example 
We should all stand with the victim in all times and try to give confidence to the victim so that victim files a report against the sexual violence and fight back to get justice. The victim should be ardent so that the criminal should get punishment and get behind bars for rest of his life. The victim movement and such act can be a brave move and will push other people who are facing the same issue might feel motivated and also file a case against such people.
“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s#KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

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