Meri Dilli : My heart


I feel proud to be born in Delhi and experience different cultures and ethics at the same time. People speak different languages and have variety in traditional customs and cuisines. Every place is India is incredible and have something special about it but Delhi which is the capital of India is one of the city which I like the most and it is really one of the most well designed and beautiful city of our country. Nothing can beat the beauty and its advancement as compared to any other city.

Delhi is our main hub and it is the place where we have so many old and historical monuments which tells our country. Delhi can be called as mini India as people from all over the country travel at least once in their lifetime to experience its beauty and see it. Delhi has the modern connectivity system like Delhi metro train and world class airport and railway stations which help us to connect to the world and travel with comfort at any time of the day. Delhi is one of the places where we have people living from all parts of the country that come here for a while and then settle here. I find Delhi geographic location is quite interesting as we can go to hill station like Shimla and travel to another popular destinations very easily. We have Rashtrapati Bhawan here and other high profile government offices in Delhi which help in deciding the fate of the country present and future. Though traffic is high in the city but this is common in every country main metro city. Delhi city roads are far better and it is actually fun driving in Delhi during the weekends.

Delhi city is popular for its culture and religious places too. Here we can easily find a temple or mosque without any issues. People can roam freely on the streets and follow their traditions or enjoy freedom of speech. We can connect with people and share our views without any hesitation. The city of Delhi never sleeps and it is always full of zest with some type of carnival or trade fair which keeps the atmosphere light and alive. There is so much of zest as you visit the old part of the city or visit the famous markets like Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh etc. With metro train expanding its roots to the National Capital Region, the connection to Delhi has become more reliable and accessible. The city has changed over years and now has all the modern facilities and infrastructure. There is sense of change and modernity which can be felt if you are coming to Delhi after five years. At the same time, you can find the ancient Indian monuments which are still intact and preserved by the Government authority and makes them a popular tourist destination among tourists. Here I am talking about the great Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Lotus Temple and many more to name. All these monuments hold unique importance and are crafted us with rich Indian culture.

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