Journey of Fantastico Harry Potter

We all know about the famous and fantastico “Harry Potter series”. Today I would like to blog about it and express my love for my childhood idol and book friend Harry Potter. Harry Potter is written by JK Rowling in the form seven novels. JK Rowling was initially not a celebrity. She was a normal woman and while on a journey in a train she got the idea about writing this great story of Harry Potter. Her First Book Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone was a great success as it becomes a bestseller of the time. Soon Warner Bros. decided to convert all of the novels into movies. “Daniel Radcliffe” was later selected to play the role of Harry Potter in the movie. Harry Potter Movies became a work of great cinema. The movies were full of fantasy, magic, drama and impressed every section of the society. Harry Potter became a very popular name worldwide, people all over the world watching the movies of worldwide in cinemas and on the Internet. It was all due to the entire movie crew that helped to make the movie so realistic that no one can say it is fiction and fantasy.
A lot of credits go to Daniel Radcliffe as he acted in the movie exactly like Harry Potter portrayed in the book. The journey began with Harry as a small boy of the age 11. He lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin who used to treat him as if he is some slave. He used to sleep under the stairs without any proper room. One day a letter arrived with Harry’s name on it which was quite unusual. That day the journey to the Hogwarts began with the beginning of the life of a wizard. Daniel Radcliffe is the boy behind Harry and now everyone calls Daniel as Harry outside the movie also. The movie broke many records and still people love to watch it again and again. I find this as idol movie for all ages.

Sometimes, many roles in a movie are so realistic that they gets attached to our lives as if they are real people and this happens only by the great work of acting and that is what is displayed by Daniel Radcliffe in the entire Series of Harry Potter which is a combination of 8 movies in total. Whenever I watch any Harry Potter movie I get inspired by watching the intensity of confidence shown in the character of Harry. Harry Potter Series is a wonderful series and the world knows it. For those, who have not seen the movies yet I would like to recommend them to watch at least the First Two parts of the series which I liked the most and are my favourite.
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