Inspirational Apple Story

There is something which is bigger than anything and everyone calls it by the name of Apple. It is indeed a great moment when I came to know about the Apple Company and how it started. It is very much inspiring for me and hundreds of youth who want to excel in their life. We all know about Steve Jobs. There is a movie based on his life named “Jobs”. It was released in August 2013. It is an awesome movie, may be because it is based on the awesome life of Steve Jobs. “Ashton Kutcher” is the man who played the role of Steve jobs in the movie. The movie starts from the initial life of Steve Jobs when he starts studying in the Reed College. In the initial scenes of the movie Steve has no interest of getting a degree rather he wants to leave the college and save the money of his parents which according to Steve were getting wasted in the college. He drops out of the college after the end of the second semester however he continued to take some creative lectures like calligraphy staying on the campus.

Then he moves to India to learn about karma and what is its connection to life. After some years, he returns to US and seeks a job in an electronic company. There he gets an idea of making a revolutionary machine by miniaturization of the computer of those times into small PC as we know them know. He opened Apple Computers. With a lot of difficulty they managed to get appropriate sponsorship for the firm and they finally registered themselves as a company. Gradually, they grew up into an IT giant as we know it. However, Steve was made to leave the company by some politics that took place in Apple but he returned to Apple in 1997. Things continued to be on track since then.

The movie is overall a great work of Cinema but Asthon Kutcher made each and every dialogue sound as if Steve Jobs himself was speaking them. If a person doesn’t know much about Steve Jobs then he may be easily befouled by Ashton who has copied Steve Jobs with such accuracy. I have become a very great fan of Ashton after watching this movie and there is not even an iota of doubt in that. He has completely portrayed Steve’s abilities to motivate the team with his words to do wonders in the IT world. He also displayed a little arrogance nature which was also present in Steve Jobs. Overall, he has a personality similar to that of Steve Jobs and he is also a very much inspiring and motivating personality as he motivates me whenever I watch this movie. This is fantastic movie and would like to recommend you all to must watch this movie to get some inspiration in life.

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