Peppy and Impactfull Iron Man

There are some great Hollywood blockbusters but I like the one which inspires me and the society. The best one is from the Marvel Comics which is one of the best comics in the World. Today, I would like to talk about very popular character from Marvel Comics, i.e., Iron Man. Iron Man is a very popular character in the marvel series of comics. Also, many movies have been made on it which includes Iron Man, Iron Man II, Iron Man III, The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the Movies, it is “Robert Downey Jr.” who is playing the role of Tony Stark. According to the story, Tony Stark is the super intelligent son of Harward Stark (A mechanical engineer who ran a weapon making company). He is an innovator, entrepreneur, billionaire and a super hero. Initially Tony lived a life of a celebrity enjoying each and every moment of his life with women and money at parties. One day he was kidnapped by some terrorist group and then he was tortured by them to make weapons for them. That was the time when life meet the fate he made a suit for him as to escape from the terrorist group. It ran on the technology of arc reactor which was a source of energy. He successfully escaped him and after he escaped from there he modified his suit and made a perfect one equipped with almost all kind of weapons. Finally, he became the fantastico Iron Man.

Robert Downey Jr. plays a major role here. The acting which he has shown in this movie is a real work of cinema and it has inspired me a lot. Robert is a person of higher standard. His accent his sort of American-British and due to which he sounds a little geeky and cool and that is the reason that he suits the role. He is a very inspirational person and also the role of Tony Stark matches his actual personality. He acts like he is in reality Tony Stark and that is the reason that audience is able to sync deeply with the character. Whenever I watch any of his films I get motivated with his style and display of art. I feel myself a very much attached to the character he is playing in the movie. Another famous character he plays is of Sherlock Holmes in his famous series of movies. Watching him I also feel to achieve some great things is life without forgetting that living life to the fullest is the most important thing in life. I really like him a lot and recommend everyone reading this blog to watch any of his movies and I guarantee that you will also become a great fan of this person.

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