Music is Life

Music is one of the best ways to reduce stress and bring smile to our face. I like to sing in my style and do not wait for any special occasion to show my vocal pitch whenever the music comes to my ears. One thing about my music style is that it is unique and different from others. I love the way to express myself and sing with freedom. All this passion for music was missing many years ago until I heard about A.R Rahman songs album. I could not hold myself from dancing and singing after watching his songs which have so many variations in it with incredible beats. Music is a unique art form gifted by God to just few special people like A.R Rahman. His songs have strong message and impact to the whole society. There is no better way to stay happy than listen to music. All his songs and music albums really helps me to relax and give me self motivation from within to step up myself and start dancing to the tune. I really like the way he adds fusion to the dance and his beats style is so unique for the Indian music. Though I am still learning to sing but I want to perform on his songs so as to give a tribute to A.R Rahman Sir and try to do it in a fun way. I like the music of the song and I have made it my caller plus message tune too.

I am now a very big fan of one and only A.R Rahman. His song brings smile to my face and I love to shake legs and arms in my own style to make it look more cranky and cool. Listening to his music always helps me to stay fresh and be refreshed. I rhyme the song lyrics many times while travelling. The song and its tune are very instrumental and this is why I thought to dance on his bollywood songs. I remember his song from Guru Movie for so much time. I love the lyrics of his songs too and try to sing it along many times while walking or going for a walk. The song from Slum dog Millionaire movie and many others lives up to my expectation. I am not so open in nature but his songs gave me a break to start dancing without thinking much. I would never dance at social gatherings and was very shy in nature but I took the courage to show my dance skills and dancing through using gestures only because of his songs and tunes. Music brings me to another world where I can just enjoy and happy. Such type of aura Rahman Sir has left on me and my desire is be like him one day and make our country proud.

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