Ronaldo-Real Football Star and Fantastico

We all have seen the growth and rising of superstar through the football sports. There is nothing like a man who is a mean machine in himself and can be a nightmare for any opponents at any day. Here I would like to talk about the legend of football; he is a person who is known as many popular names like CR7. He is the person who has made some really unbeatable records in football; he is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portugal football player, captain of the national team and also the most paid footballer worldwide. He has won 3 FIFA Golden balls, which is the given to the player who is recognized for all round skills in football worldwide.

This man began his career as a freestyler, demonstrating his skills in football. The best thing about him is that his ball swings like he is carrying it. Even in the air the ball moves so smoothly for him as if he his carrying it with hands. That shows how perfect his touches are. He introduced many skills which are dedicated to his name also. One of the famous one is Ronaldo scissor dribbling. The rise in his career took place when he started playing for Manchester United with jersey no. 7. Cristiano Ronaldo became an important player to the team and helped Manchester United, the former top club in the world of English football, to win many league titles and cups also. Later on he decided to get transfer to the Real Madrid club of football, which is a Spanish football club. Gradually, he was offered the highest pay in the football history and hence became the highest paid footballer of that time.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man with real talent also he inspired me a lot with the king of personality he has. He is a type of person who can really do some real shocking things. His game play is like a single man beating 11 people of the opposite team and hence it motivates me a lot to play this game football. I watch almost every game of fantastico Cristiano Ronaldo. One of my favourite matches is Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona, which is also known as the El-Classico. This man has really motivated me a lot to improve my way of looking to football, playing football. I have learned a lot from his game style but the thing I like the most is the way he takes a free kick. I advise you all, do watch any of his free kicks; they are accurate and as fast as a bullet. He is really a great person and a legendary footballer as we all know. I am a total fan of this awesome guy and I hope many like me would be reading this too and would like to learn and be like him.In short, Ronaldo is fantastico in all sense.

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