Wake up to a Gold Morning

People often indulge in many recreational and traditional activities and often pay with a simple motive to turn their morning into a bright one to fulfill it with lot of energy and enthusiasm. In this blog post I will share with you secret of about ways of conversion from Good Morning to Gold Morning #Colgate360GoldMornings.There is not much magical about it or any technical approach to follow for the same but you must adhere to certain guidelines which I find it very useful to start the day in the best possible way out and have a very beautiful and optimistic morning.

Golden Morning Mantra Rules for you-

I have an old school habit of being a disciplined regular boy and following the same sleeping pattern rule which is early to bed at night by 10:30 pm and waking up early by half past six in the morning. We must have a sleeping cycle of at least six hours to counteract the body weakness and give it rest. This is often said by the magical phrase that "early to bed and early to rise”. Next thing to do freshen your bit before moving out of your room and for this you must take the activity of whole mouth cleaning. I follow the regular practice of using mouthwash followed by using the Colgate 360 degree Charcoal Gold toothbrush which cleans the teeth and has charcoal infused slim tip bristles which help in complete elimination of germs from the mouth making me feel fresh from inside.

You must also drink at least a cup of water in the morning empty stomach which helps to improve digestion and keeps you fit. I also recommend taking up yoga or any other physical workout at nearby park and surrounding area which must be taken for at least thirty minutes to open your body and sweat out. Then I suggest eating light and homemade breakfast and drinking cow milk helps in bone development and giving you key strength for the day. Then comes the most important thing in life is stay positive and have a smiling face. Do try to solve problems and find solutions by consulting your family and friends if possible. Do not worry and live in the present is the most important mantra and every moment in the morning must be spent with family member which will make it really special.
So all my readers and blog viewers, it is the right time to take the initiative and convert your morning into Gold Morning from now on...Best of Luck!

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