Holi Wali Memories

I would request people to get ready in advance this upcoming Holi festival and this can be done if you have proper preparation at the start. I have seen that people often try to stay away from holi in order to protect their skin from harmful colours and hair damage. I would add that first step before you get ready for Holi is to recharge my body and hair. One can put some hair oil all over the hair and body as it is the best solution and you don't have to worry anymore about anything getting messed up by end of day. This helps to easily remove the artificial colour without much trouble.

One of the festivals is Holi which makes us wet and wild. It allows forgetting all the problems we have with the different person and instead start a good relationship again.still remember those days after school exams which were the best time of the year spent with my school friends and cousins. Like everyone else, I also have very special and fond memories of my childhood and always try to remember them by looking through the old birthday albums, torn photographs and my scrapbook. I remember how naughty I was in the school and would brightly colours in the class and try to throw all over my fellow mater after the school ended.

There are hundreds of memories both joyful and colourful ones during the holi festival week that makes me smile and bring me more close to him. In the morning during the Holi holiday, I would bring all the colours and would started emptying them in a big bucket of water and then mix it well so that it gets the right colour and gets dark enough. Then I would put on the permanent colour in it and make it make more hard and strong. I would shout out “Holi Hai” at top of my voice and then pour water to all the people who would pass by on the road. I would end up making my close friends holi gang and then trying to compete with kids in nearby park and spray water at each other out in the Sainik Community Park and then trying to bully each other. We used to play from morning till evening with no worries and then have some cold drink and sweets made at home with close family members. I wish to get back on track with Holi festival this time again.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

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